Philadelphia launches condom design competition

A competition has been launched in the US that encourages artists to submit designs for condom wrappers.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health's Division of Disease Control is sponsoring the contest in a bid to promote safe sex, the city's Daily News reports.

Carol Johnson, director of the unit, said: "We're trying to push the prevention message.

"The more you get them out there, the more they're accepted. You never know when you might need one."

Following in the footsteps of the New York version of the competition, the contest opened in November and the closing date has now been extended until January 14th.

A winner will be chosen from a handful of finalists and the design will appear on at least 500,000 of the one million free condoms distributed by the city each year.

The Big Apple first launched the initiative on Valentine's Day 2007 with 150,000 handed out throughout the five boroughs.