Philippines president backs condom use

The president of the Philippines has said he favours the introduction of government-backed access to condoms.

President Benigno Aquino, who swept into power a year ago after a landslide victory, is in favour of promoting the use of precautions, the Associated Press reports.

This is despite the fact it puts him at odds with the Catholic Church in the country, who do not endorse the use of the product.

One-third of the 94 million people in the country live on $1 (62p) a day and it is hoped that the introduction of condoms could slow down population growth, as it can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

As well as this, the World Health Organization has said condoms are an effective method for the prevention of HIV and Aids.

Earlier this month, the Manila Standard reported that individuals in the city of Muntinlupa were informed they no longer need a prescription in order to get the prophylactic after a controversial ordinance was revised.