Philippines removes free condom funding

The Philippine government has blocked efforts to give free condoms to poor people in the country.

Its decision followed suggestions by one member that the proposed funding for family planning was immoral, the AFP reports.

"The 200 million pesos (£2.9 million) allotted for the purchase of pills, injectables and even condoms has been removed because these contraceptives are in violation of ... the constitution," Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto stated.

He claimed that the bill promises to protect mothers and unborn children and that cutting the suggested grant was the best move.

The Senate and House of Representatives agreed to cut the annual contraceptive funds from the health ministry's budget for next year.

Mr Sotto said that the money would be allocated instead to helping relieve the country's debts.

Closer to home, teenagers in Richmond are to be given free condoms in a controversial new drive that has been questioned by some, the Local Guardian recently reports.