Pittsburgh students told of importance of condom usage

Students at Points Park University in Pittsburgh are being given the opportunity to find out more about sexual health and how condoms can be used to prevent them catching sexually transmitted infections.

A Condom Carnival is being hosted as part of Sexual Awareness Month, the Globe reports, with individuals being given the opportunity to speak with experienced sexual health staff.

"This event is a chance to empower yourself through education about sexual knowledge," said Amelia Hogan, community director at Point Park.

It is the second year in a row the initiative has been held and so individuals will be able to find out about the benefits of wearing condoms when having sex.

Bryanna Kiselauskas, a programme coordinator for the scheme, said she wants to make sure that safe sex is promoted as the best option by people.

Professor Mike Kelly, director of the centre for public health excellence at the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, recently said the issue of HIV is one that needs to be taken seriously.