Pizzas and condoms at New Zealand workshop

The use of female condoms is being promoted at a New Zealand event with the help of enticing food and drink.

Pizza and cocktales - non-alcoholic cocktails - are to be served at the Female Condoms and International Paper Dolls Workshop, which is being hosted by the YWCA of Greater Wellington and Positive Women.

The get-together is hoping to raise awareness of the need for greater investment from governments regarding prophylactics aimed at women, in addition to wider-reaching knowledge of how to use the products.

Jane Bruning of Positive Women - which aims to offer a support network for women and families whose lives are affected by HIV and Aids - said female condoms account for less than one per cent of all the barrier method items distributed around the world, adding: "This means that very few of the millions of people who would like to use female condoms for protection from pregnancy, HIV and other STIs."