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Planned Parenthood in Utah, US have abandoned plans to emblazon condoms with a Mormon symbol. The organisation had intended to use a symbol that is used in Mormon youth teachings on the condoms it hands out, but a post of the wrapper on its Facebook page caused a huge backlash.

It was intended that the condoms using a symbol meaning 'Choose the Right' (CTR) should be used to start a conversation on sexual health, according to a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Utah.

However, the initial post about the condoms caused a lot of controversy, with many people disapproving of the logo that is similar to the one used in popular rings that are worn by Mormon teenagers and children.

The CTR rings are used a reminder to Mormon youth to make decisions that are in line with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints teachings, which includes no sex before marriage.

This design is owned by the church, which didn't grant permission to Planned Parenthood to use it on the condoms, according to an LDS spokesperson. It is not yet clear whether legal action against the organisation is being considered.

The shield design with the CTR symbol was first created at some point around 1970 in response to the sexual revolution that followed the availability of reasonably cheap birth control.

It was intended that the condoms be given out at a Sunstone Magazine symposium, which is a foundation that supports and encourages discussion about the Mormon experience and thought. Planned Parenthood decided against giving the condoms out at the symposium following the negative feedback so as not to detract from its message.

Katrina Barker, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, said in a statement: “Our intent was never to offend, but to use the idea of ‘choosing the right’ to spark open, honest conversations about sexual health and contraception."