Plymouth charity urges greater condom use

A Plymouth-based charity is encouraging people to make sure they always wear a condom when having sex.

The Eddystone Trust has come up with the Keep Calm and Carry One campaign, which is urging individuals to have prophylactics about their person at all times, the Plymouth Herald reports.

Sarah Aston of the group - which has 16 workers in total and has been in operation for 25 years - explained around 150 people in the city are living with HIV, meaning one in every 1,000 individuals are affected.

Ms Aston stated: "On average it costs around £325,000 in medicine to help someone with HIV over their lifetime. A condom costs just ten pence."

She explained the charity works with people from 16 to 70 years old and is keen to break down prejudices and stigma attached to HIV, adding many people remain unaware that individuals of any race and sexual preference can have the disease.