Fans celebrating at the bar

Have you ever watched the football results coming in on a Saturday afternoon and wondered which of the clubs' fans have the most sexual prowess?

Nope, us neither. But apparently the people at Football Tips have - perhaps it was a slow news day and they were bored of working out the odds on Tottenham beating Burnley and Man City drawing at The Emirates.

Anyway, they polled 3,500 people in the UK about what football team their best and worst ever sexual encounters supported. The respondents didn't disappoint and opened up about their exploits in the bedroom, painting an interesting picture about sports fans across the country.

At the top of the league table were Arsenal supporters, who scored 11 per cent of the vote, while Leicester City fans came in a close second with ten per cent.

Third place went to Brighton fans and Southampton and Liverpool supporters had to be satisfied with a tie for the next positions down.

At the other end of the table and coming bottom were Manchester United supporters, which probably isn't going to be welcome news right now as their team struggles to perform on the pitch.

Next worse were Newcastle United, which is perhaps surprising given their reputation for cheery optimism.

The poll also asked respondents to rate their best partner overall - and Brighton again flew high to take the top position, followed by Southampton and Leicester fans respectively. They beat Liverpool and Manchester City supporters into fourth and fifth places.

Spokesperson for Football Tips Dean North said: "We always find it interesting to find out more about football fans and their personal lives, so we thought this would be an intriguing poll - and the results didn't disappoint.

"It would seem that Manchester United fans may need to pay more attention to their sexual partners' needs or ask them what it is they could do to improve."

Since they've piqued our interest, we now want to know what it is that makes these fans good in bed or not. Better pies at half-time, perhaps?

Meanwhile, a study at California State University has exploded the myth that you should abstain from sex the night before you need to perform in a physical activity a la Rocky.

Researchers found there was no decrease in performance among a group of test subjects the morning after they had engaged in intercourse compared to the days following occasions when they had taken the night off.

Image: South_agency via iStock