'Practice makes perfect' with condoms, says study

Men should be trying on lots of different kinds of condoms, practicing how to apply them and discovering which ones work best for them, in a bid to encourage the use of rubbers and thereby help to curb the spread of STIs such as chlamydia.

At least, this is what is said in the Kinsey Institute Homework Intervention Strategy, which promotes handing out "ditty bags" stuffed with condoms and lubricants to men, in the hope that they will go away, try them out and use them more in their sex lives.

"It's such a simple idea, but nobody has every structured an approach like this," said co-author of the study William Yarber, professor in the Indiana University School of Public-Health-Bloomington.

He added that it can make men more motivated to use condoms both regularly and in the right way. By providing them with lots of different kinds, it also highlights the fact that there are so many different kinds on the market.

Not only could interventions like this help to stop STIs being passed between sexual partners, but individuals may also discover a new kind of condom they like and see their sex life given a boost as a result!