Primary schoolchildren offered sexual consent lessons

Primary-age schoolchildren could soon be given sexual consent lessons - which may include content on condoms - as part of the government's strategy to tackle violence against girls and women.

In a document published yesterday (November 25th), the coalition stressed that youngsters can be exposed to aggressive behaviour from birth and, unless action is taken to establish alternative views, it is likely they will come to accept this as the norm.

"Helping children understand early on the meaning of consent in relation to sex and relationships will be important in helping them make that distinction in later life," it was observed.

However, the move has been criticised by education campaigners and parent groups, with concerns raised that it could mentally scar kids who are too young to be given such information.

This follows a report from The Havens - Sexual Assault Referral Centres revealing that young adults appear unsure of what constitutes consensual sex, with six per cent of men saying they would try to sleep with someone if they were drunk.