Prisoners in Botswana 'should be given condoms'

Officials in Botswana have called on condoms to be made accessible for prisoners on the country.

According to an article in the Botswana Gazette, the spread of HIV is a problem in these institutions.

Tshelang Masisi, MP for Francistown West, said: "Inmates will come back to the society and we will regret it. We have to take action now. We should have comprehensive laws wherever we are."

These comments were echoed by another official, Gibson Nshimwe, who said condoms should be readily available to all prisoners.

As well as lowering the chances of catching HIV, people can also avoid sexually transmitted infections if they use a prophylactic device.

Condoms should also be used by individuals when they are performing oral sex.

Fox21 Online recently noted there has been an increase in cases of cancer of the tonsils and base of the tongue since 1973, which may be due to the practice of unsafe oral sex.