Protestors demand more female condoms

Many protestors have taken to the streets in South Africa in anger regarding the lack of access to female condoms.

HIV/AIDS activists and residents of Atlantis, situated in the Western Cape, demanded more of the prophylactics should be made available at health clinics, Eye Witness News reports.

The demonstrators claimed female condom dispensers should be on-site at all such facilities, adding the venues have been out-of-stock of the products for at least five months.

One activist, Dr Johanna Kelher, said: "Women are not treated the same when it comes to HIV prevention as men, so there are a number of rights violations."

She added the protestors are simply asking for fundamental women's rights protection.

The news comes shortly after it was revealed administrators in fellow African nation Nigeria are considering how best to distribute condoms throughout the country after the government deemed individuals should not have to pay for the products themselves.