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Although Durex failed to get a condom emoji introduced - not for lack of trying - it seems as though there is an existing one that can be used to talk about safe sex. The umbrella with raindrops emoji has been voted as being the best unofficial representation of wearing a condom.

There is a number of different emojis already being used around the world to talk about sex, which is why Durex campaigned for a condom emoji to be added to people's devices. It now seems as though the umbrella could join ranks with the peach and aubergine to make talking about safe sex easier.

A lot of people now use emojis to talk about sex but new research has found that over half of people are uncomfortable talking about using protection. The survey, carried out by Durex, also found that nine out of ten people would be happier talking about safe sex if there was a condom emoji.

The survey was part of Durex's hunt for an official emoji that could stand in place of one featuring a condom. Other choices for the top spot included the gift-wrapped heart (13.3 per cent), the red helmet with a cross (16.7 per cent) and the thick red circle (18.6 per cent). However, it was the rainy umbrella that ultimately won out with 23.3 per cent of the vote.

More than 3,500 people from the UK, Brazil, the US, India, China and South Africa got involved with the survey, showing that this is a hot topic around the word.

Durex announced the choice for the unofficial safe sex emoji ahead of World AIDS Day, which is today and aims to highlight the importance of safe sex to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Volker Sydow, global director at Durex, said: "We believe the naming of "Umbrella with Raindrops" as the unofficial safe sex emoji will be a significant step towards helping young people put safe sex back on the agenda."

Durex is continuing to campaign for the inclusion of a condom emoji, but until then, you can talk about safe sex with the rainy umbrella.