Regular sex 'can benefit your health'

Condom purchases may be a good idea for individuals looking to boost their overall wellbeing, as new research has found the majority of singles over the age of 50 believe regular sex is beneficial for their health.

Carried out by online dating community, the study revealed 97 per cent of respondents think an active sexual relationship is good for them.

In addition, the investigation discovered the older people become, the more positive they are regarding body image.

Indeed, 70 per cent of those questioned claimed they feel better about their shape now than they did at a younger age - meaning they may be more comfortable and confident between the sheets.

Dr Gail Saltz, relationship expert and psychiatrist at - which is part of People Media's OurTime Community - said: "Many young people think that once you hit 50, your body image automatically changes and your sex life immediately takes a hit, but this couldn't be further from the truth."