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If you've ever wondered whether other people are having more sex than you, then now's the time to get a little nosey into the bedroom habits of Brits across the country.

Men's Pharmacy carried out a survey designed to find out which cities are getting the most action - and the findings might surprise you, because the winner wasn't cosmopolitan London.

According to the poll of 2,168 people, Leicester is actually the busiest in terms of sex, with 87.5 per cent of people admitting they do it at least once a week.

The top five was rounded out by Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Liverpool. In fact, London didn't appear until eighth, with just 54.8 per cent managing to make time for action between the sheets once a week.

Last position on the list went to Bristol with only 30 per cent. We're not sure why a city that's renowned for its friendliness isn't higher in the charts, but there you go.

"We tallied up the cities in these regions that are hitting it at least once a week and turned it into a nifty leaderboard. All in all, well done Leicester - and Bristol needs to put some effort in!" said a spokesperson for Men's Pharmacy.

Meanwhile, a trend on social media might be set to skew these results and lead to fewer people getting any sex at all.

No Nut November is something that's been gaining ground just like Stoptober and Movember, but instead of asking you to stop drinking or shaving for a month, it requires you to abstain from sex or masturbation.

Followers insist it has helped them to achieve some kind of zen, with some people using the time they might have spent between the sheets learning a new language.

However, the partners of some of these No Nut November achievers are less than impressed. Many have taken to social media themselves to ask for advice on what they should do when their partner refuses to touch them for four weeks.

One memorable post on Reddit called the challenge "stupid" and said her partner refuses to sleep in the same bed in case he is tempted.

It seems that not only will the people following the challenge have more time for hobbies this month, but they may also have more time to pursue them full stop afterwards if their partners get fed up and dump them part-way through.