Rod Stewart rubbishes Russell Brand's condom claims

If it turns out to be a bone fide fact that funnyman Russell Brand did have his wicked way with 90 women in one month, it can only be hoped that he made very good use indeed of male condoms and Durex products.

However, aspersions have been cast upon this particular assertion by none other than Rod Stewart, himself well known for bedding buxom beauties in his time - although he claims not to be able to remember what his tally stands at.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on TV show Life Stories - due to be aired tonight (November 1st) - the ageing rocker said it was impossible to mark up that many bedpost notches in just four weeks.

"Get out of here. Not true. You can't bed two or three women a day," he remarked.

Regardless, it would appear that Brand's wild ways are behind him, now that he's wed Katy Perry, who recently slapped a sex ban on him in the weeks leading up to their Indian ceremony.