Roger Moore 'has lost count of sexual conquests'

Sir Roger Moore has been speaking of his sexual conquests and claimed he has lost count of how many women he has slept with.

The former James Bond actor suggested he has bedded more ladies than 007, who had 51 lovers in the 22 Bond films to date, the Daily Mail reports.

Sir Roger - who played the famous spy in seven films, including The Spy Who Loved Me and The Man With The Golden Gun - said he would not disclose too much information about his love life, but the comments indicate he might well have got through plenty of condom packets over the years.

The 84-year-old stated: "I've always been a hit with the ladies ... Over the years I've had my fair share of beautiful women."

He explained many of the ladies he seduced confused him with his on-screen characters Bond and Simon Templar, who he played in the TV series The Saint.