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We can't be the only ones who have noticed that the closer you get to a royal wedding, the greater the amount of themed tat there is available to buy.

Whether you want a mug with Meghan and Harry's faces on it or a little Union Jack suit for your dog, you can guarantee you'll be able to find it somewhere in advance of next Saturday.

All right, so it can be nice to have a little something to remember a momentous British occasion by - you can keep commemorative items or newspaper supplements for years and perhaps even hope they might be worth something in decades to come.

But what, we ask, could have been the reasoning behind creating condoms with the royal couple emblazoned on the packaging? Because that's exactly what one company has done, with the box even playing 'God Save the Queen' and then 'The Star Spangled Banner' when it's opened.

Is the idea that you can help the new duke and duchess celebrate their nuptials with, literally, a bang? Or is it that you can feel like royalty as you get down at perhaps the same time as Harry and Meghan (which, quite frankly, is a little bit creepy)?

It's not like you can keep such a souvenir for years and get it out at future family parties to show your great-grandchildren, or take it to Antiques Roadshow to parade in front of Fiona Bruce.

Needless to say, the royal condoms are not part of the Kensington Palace-approved array of official wedding merchandise - and at £10 for just four, you'd be paying a princely sum just to get hold of something that may not be especially high in quality.

Instead of wasting your money, we'd recommend buying a Harry and Meghan commemorative mug if you must, then heading over to for all of your condom needs.

We only sell excellent quality products from the best brands at the lowest possible prices - and you can even do pick'n'mix if you want a few different types. So, no royally cringeworthy souvenirs here, but we can guarantee you'll get great condoms for your celebratory sex after the ceremony.