Image credit: Warlingham Rugby Club Image credit: Warlingham Rugby Club

A rugby club has been handing out branded condoms to try and become better known.

Warlingham Rugby Club in Surrey has put its logo on condom packets, along the with the slogan 'join the family', in a bid to attract new players and raise awareness. We've heard of handing out flyers and badges, but this is a totally new approach!

Peter Mattison, the chairman of the club, said that the "bold" and "quirky" marketing strategy was "a bit on edge" so should help to get them noticed more.

The condoms are being provided to current players and members so they can hand them out when they are enjoying a night on the town. This could help to get people talking about the club, while the unusual promotional method is also sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Mr Mattison said: “In the past, we’ve used posters and other advertising campaigns to recruit players. But we really wanted to get the Warlingham RFC name out there and what better way than to use our brand to promote both the Club and a socially responsible attitude?

"We know it’s a bit on the edge but as long as young men and women who may want to play rugby see this as an amusing way to catch their attention and join the Warlingham family then job done!”

Not only will the condoms help to draw people's attention to the club, they also show that it is looking out for the health and wellbeing of its members, as well as promoting safe sex.

We're sure that this interesting move will certainly help to raise the club's profile and get more people interested in joining and playing a game of rugby.

It could also be the way forward for other organisations to spread the word, as it will certainly get the attention of potential patrons.

Would you be interested in a club or company that handed out branded condoms like this?