Russell Brand asks Pope for condoms

It's great to know that, even with his impending marriage to Katy Perry coming up next month, Russell Brand is keen to practice safe sex.

The comedian is apparently so eager not to procreate that he even sent out a timely tweet to none other than the Pope himself, asking to be forwarded on some prophylactics.

While on holiday in the US - visiting Elvis Presley's old stomping ground Graceland in Memphis - Brand posted on his Twitter page: "Dear Pope I'm not sure I understand your doctrine. Please send me an outline of the basics. And condoms."

However, he also asked his mother to post a few as well, writing: "Mum. Have moved to the South and made friends with a lovely little couple. Send condoms."

Looks like the star's still out to cause controversy wherever he can, not unlike his lady love - Katy had a bit of a run in with parents this month after filming a sing-along song with Elmo of Sesame Street in a somewhat revealing outfit.