Russia fined for gay pride ban

Russia has been penalised by the European Court of Human Rights for banning one man from organising gay pride parades in Moscow.

The court in Strasbourg determined that the decision by Russian authorities to refuse leading campaigner Nikolai Alexeyev's requests to hold a parade in the city were the result of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

According to the BBC, Moscow was concerned that such a parade, which may have involved the usual celebrations of gay culture, featuring flags, costumes and condoms - would be the target of violent attacks.

However, the court decided that "the mere risk of a demonstration creating a disturbance was not sufficient to justify its ban".

UK Gay News recently reported that St Petersburg authorities decided that a refusal of permission for campaigners to hold a gay pride parade in the city in June was illegal and a deadline of November 1st has been set for authorities to allow an event to be organised.