You'll never think of a sunroof in the same way again (Image: gogosvm via iStock) You'll never think of a sunroof in the same way again (Image: gogosvm via iStock)

They might still be riding high on a wave of euphoria after hosting a wildly successful World Cup tournament, but one couple in Russia seemed to be taking their happiness levels to a whole other place this week - by having sex in a traffic jam.

A host of videos have popped up online and on local news media that appear to show the man and woman enjoying a tryst in a stationary vehicle.

Rather than attempting to hide their exploits from other motorists, though, they were pretty brazen about what they were doing. Not for them the cowgirl position on the front or back seat - instead they opted to stand up with their bodies through the sunroof and do it that way.

What's more, the couple both appeared to be completely naked and really going for it with abandon, giving other people on the major motorway around St Petersburg a show whether they wanted it or not.

The silver Mercedes was stationary while the two had their romp, but started moving again just after they finished. Even more bizarrely, there seemed to be another person in the car with them because it looks as though someone else is behind the wheel. Quite what they thought of the whole thing, we can hardly imagine.

Of course, in this era of publicity stunts, nobody can be sure if the sex session was real or staged for smartphone cameras. For example, although we don't want to examine the video too closely, there is something a little bit suspicious about the distance between the couple in one part of the news clip.

It's not known if the police will be looking into who the people involved are, or if they'll simply pass it off as high jinks after a fun summer of football.

But you've got to be slightly impressed at their boldness, not only daring to do it out of the sunroof, but also choosing to be completely naked as opposed to hiding their modesty with a T-shirt or two.

And with all that fresh air circulating, at least they didn't have to worry about the windows steaming up a la Titanic.