Russian Gay Pride festival 'must go ahead'

Expect to see the St Petersburg city streets awash with flags, balloons and possibly even condoms in the future, as the authorities have ruled that Gay Pride festivities must be permitted from now on.

According to UK Gay News, the city's decision to refuse permission for campaigners to hold a parade in the metropolis in June was illegal and a deadline of November 1st has been set for authorities to allow an event to be organised.

"We are probably only days before the first public demo ever organised to defend and advocate for the rights of LGBT people in Russia," said Nikolai Alekseev, a gay rights leader writing for the news source.

The Moscow Appeal Court is expected to hold a second hearing regarding the ban of 2010's Moscow Pride today (October 14th).

Earlier this year, a ten-minute Gay Pride flashmob held in Moscow was hailed as the first successful parade in the city, with 30 marchers taking to the streets with a rainbow flag.