Safe sex programme launches in Philadelphia

A safe sex campaign promoting the use of condoms has launched in Philadelphia, US.

As part of the scheme, a dedicated website has been established by the city's department of health, called, which offers advice to youngsters about sexual relations.

The site has a Know the Risks section, which offers quick facts about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as Chlamydia.

It informs people about the symptoms of the STD and says: "It is very important to use a condom from the very beginning to the end of sexual contact."

The platform also offers information about different types of condoms and how to use the prophylactic, as well as listing diseases and infections the devices can prevent transmission of, including gonorrhoea and HIV.

According to a recent piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer, individuals who have had syphilis or gonorrhoea are at greater risk of contracting HIV.

In a bid to encourage residents to use condoms, a new wrapper is being released in the city.