Female hand pulling white sheets in ecstasy Image credit: iStock/volkovslava

Researchers accidentally discovered a sex toy that can help women achieve orgasm, despite originally looking to create a device that had the opposite effect. Scientists were looking to create a device that could stimulate discomfort in order to help women who experience painful sex, but the resulting contraption had a very different outcome.

It hasn't been given a sexy or sultry name, but the 'vaginal pressure inducer' has been found to help increase sexual arousal, which was far from the intended outcome. The balloon-like device is triggered by remote control and fills with water when the button is pressed, creating vaginal pressure.

Originally, the technology was designed to allow Dutch researchers to study discomfort during sex - which affects nearly three in five women - in order to see what could be done to ease it. However, the initial study of 42 women found that the device had a very different result.

Volunteers who had all experienced pain during sex in the past were instructed on how to use the device, which was then inflated by scientists from another room using the remote control. The women had control to stop the pressure if it became too much.

According to the International Business Times, the women involved in the study allowed the balloon device to inflate a lot more when they were  watching porn. They also said they felt more aroused when watching porn and using the instrument than when they used it on its own.

However, when women watched films that weren't sexual in nature, the device still resulted in pain. The researchers said that this shows the importance of sexual stimuli when it comes to reducing pain during sex.

According to the study's findings, which were published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, the technology has shown itself to be useful for investigating a number of issues surrounding female sex.