Astronaught in outer space Image credit: iStock/cookelma

Sex in space needs to be studied to make sure it is possible, according to a top university professor. Assistant professor at George Washington University Kris Lehnhardt has said that we need to look at how astronauts are able to romp in space if we're ever going to colonise other planets.

Speaking during a recent Atlantic Live panel, Professor Lehnhardt said that we need to start looking at how people are able to have sex in space and its effectiveness in zero gravity "immediately".

He said: “It’s a real concern…something we really don’t know about is human reproduction in space.

“If we actually want to go places and stay there, there’s a key component and that’s having babies."

While there are a lot of things people need to prepare for when it comes to heading into space - although luckily not all of us need to worry ourselves with this - sex hasn't traditionally been one of them. However, as Professor Lehnhardt said, plans for long space missions, like the one to Mars, will mean needing to make sure reproduction can happen in space.

Although figuring out how to have sex in space without gravity so you don't float apart while in the throes of passion is obviously important, Professor Lenhardt says that they need to look into whether conception through natural sex is possible.

“If we want to become a spacefaring species and live in space permanently this is a crucial issue we need to address that has not been fully studied yet," he said.

While checking that people can still have babies in space seems like a good idea, we can't help but think that scientists should look at how easy it is to put on condoms in space to ensure people can have safe sex too. After all, STIs can still spread in zero gravity - at least we think they can!

Considering the fact that joining the mile high club is meant to give you better orgasms, we wonder what the effect of sex in space would be.