Scottish teenagers buying more condoms

There has been an increase in Scottish teenagers buying condoms as they are having more safe sex than they used to.

Research carried out by the University of Edinburgh found 72 per cent of respondents had used a condom the last time they had sexual intercourse, which represents an increase from the 1990 level of 70 per cent.

Nearly a third of 15-year-olds questioned said they have had sex, with girls more likely to disclose this information than their male counterparts.

The results are part of a wider investigation into the habits of Scotland's teenagers and it also found drinking, junk food eating and smoking have all dropped.

"These recent findings are extremely encouraging, with improvements in several areas relating to children's overall wellbeing," said Professor Candace Currie, director of the Child and Adolescent Heath Research Unit at the university.

It comes after Leicestershire teenagers were recently found to be using condoms more often, the Leicester Mercury reported.