Sex education 'should be mandatory in Alberta'

Sex education should be made mandatory in Alberta, Canada, it has been claimed.

Kris Wells and Maryanne Doherty from the University of Alberta told the Edmonton Sun they want to see it introduced, which could see the use of condoms during intercourse promoted.

"This isn't an issue about religion or morality. [It's] about the health and safety of our young people and providing them age-appropriate, non-judgmental information," Mr Wells added.

He continued by saying that some 90 per cent of students look to their schools to provide their education around the issue of sex.

Both of the academics think the current system is not perfect and there is room for improvement.

At the moment, parents have the right to remove their children from sex education classes.

It comes after Aids Connect noted that female condoms are to be easier to come by in the US as they are to be sold on the internet.