Sex education videos to be given age ratings

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has announced that sex education videos aimed at children are to be given age ratings for the first time.

There have been growing concerns from parents that their kids are being exposed to inappropriate material, with some even pulling them out of schools.

But certain videos will, from the end of February, be given a PG rating to make parents and teachers aware of the type of content children are watching.

According to the Telegraph, Ed Vaizey said: "Ensuring children are protected from inappropriate content in the best way possible is vitally important.

"The new classifications will mean that children are better protected from harmful content and parents will have the information they need to make confident decisions about whether certain DVDs are suitable for their children to watch."

Depictions of sex cannot be anything more than "implied", according to the new rules, while language cannot contain "mild references and innuendo", or else the content will be banned in Primary schools.

Before videos of any kind are shown in schools, teachers must send letters to parents making them aware of what they will be presenting.

A consultation into sex education in schools found that more and more parents were refusing to let their children take part in the classes.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) ran the investigation and will be responsible for deciding which videos are given PG ratings.

Channel 4 recently drew controversy by producing a video on the subject that was described as "child pornography" by teachers and labelled as "shocking" by a Tory minister.

David Austin, head of policy at the BBFC, said: "We hope to help schools and help parents find out more about the content of sex education videos before their children see them."

Details of what is being taught in these lessons in schools are required to be posted on each institution's website.

This applies to both primary and secondary schools and includes academies, free schools and local authority-run schools.