Sex talk 'linked to satisfaction'

New research has highlighted a link between sex talk and satisfaction in the bedroom.

Carried out by investigators at Cleveland State University in Ohio, the study revealed couples who speak to one another about sex while in bed tend to enjoy intercourse more than those who do not, LiveScience reports,

The findings could lead to condom users becoming more open to communication between the sheets in a bid to spice up their love life.

Elizabeth Babin, a health communication expert at the learning institute, noted: "Even if you just have a little bit of anxiety about the communication, that affects whether you're communicating or not, but it also directly affected their satisfaction."

Ms Babin explained those who are anxious in bed might remove themselves from the moment, meaning they are not able to enjoy sexual encounters as much as they should.

It was also shown people may be more likely to have unprotected sex if they do not feel comfortable talking about condom use.