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You may think that sex toys are a fairly recent invention, but a new discovery in Germany has found out otherwise.

An archaeological dig at Hohle Fels, has uncovered a carved siltstone phallus that’s been reconstructed from fragments discovered, the Metro reports.

Experts estimate that the sex toy is around 28,000 years old. The fact that it is highly polished and accurate to life has led researchers to believe it is one of the oldest dildos discovered.

One of the most interesting things about the find is that it's a representation of male anatomy, rather than the female figures that are more commonly unveiled.

Intimate toys have been around for a long time. It's been known - in some cultures - for dildos to be used to break a virgin bride's hymen on her wedding night by the local 'holy man'.

The 1980s saw a fresh wave of enthusiasm for sex toys, with them entering public culture for the first time. The Rampant Rabbit catapulted them into the mainstream and made self-pleasure socially acceptable.

Today, using sex toys is a lot more widely accepted, though some taboos surrounding self-pleasure do remain.

However, there are many benefits to using dildos and other intimate toys. There's no risk of getting STDs from another person, or having an unwanted pregnancy. As well as this, there's no limits to the positions you can try and there's no awkwardness in the mornings - you can simply pop it back in your drawer.

There are also many health benefits, with masturbation reportedly reducing stress, encouraging better sleep, and improving your mood.

Of course, there's nothing that can replace the pleasure of intimacy with another person but it's incredibly important that you take the necessary precautions. Using condoms is the best way to enjoy safe sex, and ensure no STD or unwanted pregnancy ruins your fun.