'Sexploits' of Olympic athletes revealed

A Team GB athlete who competed in the recent Olympic Games has opened up about the exploits that competitors from around the world got up to behind closed doors.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the individual - who opted to remain anonymous - said the flirty sports stars were quick to exchange telephone numbers and Twitter details with members of the opposite sex while staying in the Olympic Village.

According to the mystery man, the discipline and pressure placed on the athletes when training hots up caused them to go wild when letting their hair down after their respective events - with many getting up close and personal between the sheets.

He said the second week of the international sporting event is when the action usually takes place and admitted getting involved in a steamy clinch with his teammate and two Ukrainian athletes.

"I thought I'd test the water, so I said to the girl I was with that I would have sex with her if she had sex with her girlfriend first," the sports star revealed.