'Sexting rife' among US college students

Condom usage among college students in the US could be on the increase, as new research has suggested improving technology may be making young people more open about their sex lives.

A study carried out by investigators at the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the University of Rhode Island - which was given its current name in 1951 - revealed the prominence of 'sexting' among scholars.

The report found more than half of all college goers have received sexually suggestive images via text, with almost 80 per cent being sent explicitly worded messages.

Although 73 per cent of these kinds of texts were sent to a relationship partner, ten per cent of them were delivered without the consent of the phone owner.

Tiffani Kisler, an assistant professor at the faculty, said: "It is important to help everyone, especially students, understand the importance of setting boundaries around their use of technology."