Sexual frustration - could it be bad for our health?

A scientific experiment has yielded interesting results into sexual frustration, suggesting that - if fruit flies are anything to go by - it could actually cause seriously adverse health outcomes.

Teams from the University of Michigan (UM) found that male fruit flies that were subjected to sexual pheromones of their female counterparts but not allowed to mate experienced stress, decreases in fat stores and resistance to starvation, and ultimately lived shorter lives.

Lead author of the study Dr Scott Pletcher - professor in the department of molecular and integrative physiology at the UM Medical School and research professor at the UM Geriatrics Center - explained: "This research suggests to us that for fruit flies at least, it may not be a myth that sexual frustration is a health issue. Expecting sex without any sexual reward was detrimental to their health and cut their lives short."

It could be said therefore that the findings, published in the journal Science, promote the idea of sex as booster for long-term health and lifespan! 

There could be any number of reasons for sexual frustration - both not getting enough bedroom action, but also not getting enough of a kind that really gets you going. If you fall into the latter category, it might be an idea to consider how to spice things up a little, perhaps by investing in some exciting novelty or flavoured condoms or even a new sex toy.