Sexual health promoted in new Brook campaign

A new campaign from advice service Brook is to promote sexual health and awareness, featuring cartoon-esque images of fruit and sweets to promote its message.

As part of the initiative, posters, merchandise - such as condoms - and leaflets are to be distributed in schools, clinics and other young people's services, Creative Boom reports.

Director of communications with the organisation Jules Hillier noted that the body wants everyone to be supported so they can develop the understanding, skills and self-confidence needed to enjoy and be responsible for sexual lives, health and wellbeing.

"It's important that young people realise that they can ask for help and there are organisations like Brook around to give it. Hopefully this campaign will get young people talking," she observed.

Topics to be addressed include body image and worries, sexuality and identity, enjoying sex, feeling ready for it and alcohol in relation to action between the sheets.