Sexual health restaurant set to open in Cheltenham

A new restaurant in Cheltenham is aiming to provide healthy food and sexual health advice to patrons. Cabbages and Condoms is a Thai restaurant chain hoping to provide good food and help on sexual health issues to the area.

The restaurant has been developed by not-for-profit organisation the Population and Community Development Association (PDA). The PDA is one of Thailand's best established government organisations based in Bangkok.

Cabbages and Condoms has a dining room split over two floors with capacity for 150 people. It is set to open on St James Street, close to the main high street in Cheltenham. Its move to the area was made possible by Fleurets, leisure property specialists.

Chris Irving, divisional director at Fleurets Bristol, said: “The venue is positioned in central Cheltenham and offers an ideal location for the restaurant.

“I am confident that the town will welcome this new operator as well as its cause."

The idea behind the restaurant is to help support a number of social development activities that are run by the PDA. These include things like HIV and AIDS prevention, education, primary health and environmental protection. All the profits from the restaurant will be put towards these causes.

As well as providing sexual health advice alongside an authentic Thai menu, the restaurant also includes some humorous touches. With a slogan that reads "our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy" and a sign that states "sorry we have no mints. Please take a condom instead", it is helping to make sexual health less daunting.

The first Cabbages and Condoms restaurant opened in 2012 Bicester, Oxfordshire. This latest opening suggests that so far the mixture of healthy food and sexual health advice has worked for the PDA.

The PDA operates out of Bangkok and was founded 1974. It currently has 16 regional development centres and branch office across Thailand. According to a spokesperson for the organisation, programmes are built on the idea that an area's development is best sustained and shaped by local people.