Sexual health services 'could soon improve'

Extra large condoms and other sexual health services could soon be made more accessible to the British public, now that a number of NHS organisations wish to set up social enterprises through the health provider's Right to Request scheme.

This gives public sector employees the chance to become their own bosses, which may well see patient care and health outcomes improved, secretary of state for health Andrew Lansley announced today (November 16th).

He confirmed that an additional £4.4 million will be provided by the Department of Health's Social Enterprise Investment Fund to support the initiative.

"This is about a fundamental power shift, taking power from Whitehall and placing it in the hands of frontline staff who know best the needs of their communities," Mr Lansley remarked.

His comments follow an NHS report revealing that more people than ever are heading to the web to self-diagnose and access health information, which saves the NHS millions of pounds every year.