Sexual health website launched for Canadians

A new website has been set up by officials in Calgary, Canada, to offer individuals advice about sexual health.

It is called Talking About Sexuality in Calgary Communities and it aims to give information to youths who are deemed to be at a high risk, online news channel CTV reports.

Those who make use of the portal may choose to buy condoms for the next time they have sex.

School nurses, teachers, social workers and psychologists will all be able to access the site's content in order to better prepare them for educating youngsters.

"Service providers need a resource where they can access reliable, up-to-date information all the time," said Wendi Lokanc-Diluzio, Alberta Health Services sexual and reproductive health specialist.

Ms Lokanc-Diluzio added those at a high-risk often do not get this guidance from school because they fail to attend.

Sexual & Reproductive Health, the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing and the Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health have all been involved in the creation of the site.