Sexy woman in bedroom doorway with handcuffs Image: iStock/nd3000

BBC television on a weekend evening used to be all about comfortable, easygoing, cosy dramas that eased you gently back into the prospect of another working week.

Not any more. We don't know what they've been putting in the writers' water, but all of a sudden, we're being inundated with sex scenes. From Bodyguard to Poldark, it's all about our favourite characters getting their kit off and getting down to business - and the steamier, the better.

Not that we're complaining. It's far more interesting to see something a little risqué than it is to have to watch yet another dull sitcom rerun or staid murder mystery where you guess the killer within the first five minutes.

However, all this TV sex seems to be having an impact on the viewers, particularly those in their forties: it's making them feel naughty again.

According to a survey by dating website Victoria Milan, published by the Sun on Sunday, women are flocking to hook-up sites in the hope of spicing things up in the bedroom.

What's more, 42 per cent of women in their forties said they "felt horny" several times a day, exploding the myth that it's all downhill once you hit so-called middle age.

This was compared to only a third of millennials and 30 per cent of women in their thirties, who may be too busy juggling childcare and work to feel sexy.

Survey spokesperson Sigurd Vedal told the newspaper that it's untrue that women no longer want sex as they get older.

"That's an old-fashioned thought ... Women from 40 to 60 plus are nowadays living their lives as they want to - having affairs, feeling sexy and they are more willing to take their sexual life to the next step," he added.

Another poll by Saucy Dates also discovered that your forties really can be naughty, with 38 per cent of women this age regularly using sex toys like vibrators compared to just 28 per cent of 32-year-olds.

The website's David Minns said he thinks saucy telly depicting older women and men enjoying a good sex life is definitely having an effect.

"We've seen a huge spike in women in their forties using the site since Bodyguard and Wanderlust were screened," he admitted.

So, if you want to create an uptick in your love life, you know what to do: get on the iPlayer and find these shows that everyone's talking about. You'll be looking for sex toys and getting down to business in no time.