Slimming pill 'could drive up use of female condoms'

Interest in female condoms could very well soar this year if more women come to learn of a slimming pill that not only helps them lose weight but gives libidos an often-time much-needed boost.

Vita-Lean - which only costs the princely sum of £1 a day - helps ladies not only keep the flab at bay but also increases sexual desire in a matter of weeks, a side-effect that Richard Wylie of British distributor Vitagetics said is harmless.

"To a large extent, it could be a placebo but, nevertheless, could benefit many relationships," he remarked.

One satisfied customer is Sarah Marshall, 43, who said that she initially took the treatment to shift the pounds - losing a stone in less than a month - but also found that it "restored my sex life to the full".

Anyone interested in such benefits should take one capsule twice a day, with a large glass of water half an hour before consuming main meals.