Snoring 'could see condom use reduced'

Men eager to strap on those cheap condoms might like to check their sleeping habits first, as research has revealed that 50 per cent of Australian women consider snoring to be a sexual deterrent.

According to a Fisher and Paykel Healthcare study, over 30 per cent admit that their partner's snuffles have caused arguments, with a further six per cent confirming it brought about the end of the relationship.

So irritating are these noises that 50 per cent said they would rather sleep to the sound of a tap dripping, 23 per cent to mating possums and 22 per cent to neighbourhood construction.

"Trying to manage sleep apnea is often uncomfortable for many people because of the stigma associated with seeking help and treatments available," clinical research manager Emma Duckworth remarked.

Meanwhile, a recent Superdrug survey of UK teens found that 11 per cent of young people do not know the names of their sexual conquests, while 60 per cent fail to wear condoms.