Social networking 'leads to sex sooner'

A study has shown communicating via social networking sites and texting leads to couples having sex sooner, news which may be of interest to those looking for condoms online.

Research carried out by Men's Fitness and Shape magazines revealed that the majority of both men and women believe people are more likely to end up in bed together if they have been involved in "digital intimacy".

Four out of five ladies expressed this conviction, while 58 per cent of males agreed with their female counterparts.

Clinical psychologist Dr Belisa Vranich explained that texting and speaking on sites such as Facebook "creates anticipation".

"If your goal is to have sex, texting is actually helpful for that because it makes the correspondence between people sort of more titillating," the expert commented.

Elsewhere, dating portal recently claimed that research showed every day in the UK 160 members leave their site as couples.