Some South African women not using condoms

South African women who believe HIV is a man-made construct are less likely to use condoms during sex.

This is according to a report that will appear in AIDS and Behavior, which found 2.6 per cent of non-Africans have conspiracy beliefs, which is measurably smaller than the 19.7 per cent of young adult Africans.

Those who do not accept HIV is real are half as likely to have protected intercourse, as opposed to people who think it is genuine.

It also discovered men in Africa who think that the disease is harmless will not wear the prophylactic as often as those who do.

Research recently carried out by BMC Infectious Diseases discovered that HIV-infected youths in Uganda do not take the proper precautions.

The study's authors remarked that better family planning practices have to be introduced in order to help youngsters learn about the dangers of having unprotected sex.