South Africa school children 'need to be given condoms'

School children in South Africa should be given condoms, one educator has claimed.

Allan Liebenberg, principal of Beacon Hill High, who is also secretary of the National Association of School Governing Bodies, told Eye Witness that new approaches are required in order to control the issue of teen pregnancies.

"I think there should be condoms because people know that children are having sex ... from primary school and they are having sex stupidly. They don't know how to have sex," he added.

According to the news provider, there are seven children at his school who will be giving birth in 2011.

Because of this, measures need to be taken to educate youngsters about the importance of protected sex.

It comes after a recent report in the Age said that Australian teenagers who are in care are to receive sex education.

The move will hopeful educate people about the pitfalls of sexually-transmitted infections.