Image credit: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji Image credit: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Two women in South Korea are seeking to break through the taboos surrounding sex in the conservative country. Choi Jung-yoon and Kwak Eura have opened "Pleasure Lab" in the city of Seoul, which aims to provide sex toys and teach women about sexuality.

The shop is housed in the same building as two churches in a residential area of the city. It has a clean design that highlights the products for sale and creates a professional but relaxed atmosphere.

As well as demonstrating and selling the products, the Lab also holds public workshops to teach people about sexual health.

The style of the Pleasure Lab is very different from the usual sex shops operating in South Korea, which are usually aimed at men. This is due to the fact there is still some stigma attached to women talking about sex openly.

However, the pink and purple toys and gift sets - some of which are festive and bear the slogan "Merry Clitorismas" - and the talks about female sexual activity are hoping to help make female sexual empowerment more of an everyday thing in the country.

Choi, who is a 30-year-old former journalist who spent her teens and early 20s living in the US, told Reuters: "You can call us activists, and we think we are curators. "The way to change the world can be doing campaigns or fighting outside, which are important, but we think selling sex toys in a bright atmosphere with a smile here can be our own battle and own campaign."

Currently, South Korea rank at 115 out of 145 in the World Economic Forum's index of gender equality. Trends throughout the country seem to perpetuate the ideas of traditional femininity, with beauty and plastic surgery all aiming to make women look a certain way.

While a transition is taking place, offering more options for women, the owners of the Lab are hoping they can assist in speeding things up a bit.