Soviet condoms in Moscow sex museum

Soviet condoms are among the many artefacts guests will be able to peruse at a new museum in Moscow.

Tochka G - which translates as G Spot - has opened up off the city's famous tourist street Arbat and a number of cheeky items are being housed at the gallery, the Guardian reports.

As well as the condoms, visitors will find a wall of drawings portraying celebrities spanking each other and an image of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin competing against one another with their sizeable penises.

It is the first such sex museum to open up in the city - the nation's capital - where brothels and strip clubs are plentiful but intercourse is rarely mentioned in public.

Other paintings at the venue represented huge orgies, topless mermaids and even men using their private parts to hand out cocktails.

Founder and curator of the collection Alexander Donskoi said the museum addresses much more than just sex, however.

He explained: "It's a project about freedom," and observed a clampdown on this right has emerged from the nation moving away from secular government.