Spaniards picket the Pope in Barcelona

A protest in Spain has taken place to criticise the Pope's views on homosexuality, condoms and abortion.

While the pontiff toured the country's Catalan region on a two-day visit, crowds arrived to speak out against the Vatican's views by holding placards with slogans such as "condoms save, the Pope damns".

The Catholic leader gave a speech at Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia church denouncing Spanish laws that allow people to freely use condoms and women to decide whether to undergo abortions.

Montse Cervara, one of the organisers of the picket, said that individual decisions should be promoted, but the church is "against all the rights we have fought to have recognised, like the right to choose".

Meanwhile, Russell Brand recently sent a message to the Pope via his Twitter account, saying he did not understand the Catholic church's doctrines but wanted the leader to send him some condoms anyway.