7038879It's traditional to put on a bit of music when you're having fun with someone in the bedroom, whether that is to set the mood or to disguise what you're doing from your neighbours! Everyone has their own choices for sex music, from heavy metal to Marvin Gaye, but it turns out there are a few trends in the genre.

Online music streaming service Spotify has been looking over its data, and believes it has uncovered the world's top sex playlist. The company looked through over 2.5 million playlists named "sex" by their creators, and tallied up the most common songs used. The results might surprise you, as it turns out people most often listen to indie in the bedroom.

The number one song used in sex playlists is The XX's 'Intro', the first track on their debut album. The instrumental song is apparently perfect to make love to, although you might have heard it on several adverts or in TV shows. Nevertheless, it stands as the most popular sex song on Spotify.

Other tracks in the playlist include 'Menswear' by The 1975, 'Talk is Cheap' by Chet Faker and 'From Eden' by Hozier, all similar indie rock hits. The most mainstream band on the playlist is Coldplay, with many people apparently having sex to the song 'Magic'.

So who is creating these playlists? Mostly they are being made by men, who created 56 per cent of them. However, it seems that only a certain demographic creates a sex playlist on Spotify, and that group loves obscure indie hits.

This can be seen in the fact that very different music is used for Spotify playlists entitled "love". Out of the 28 million that have been created - more than ten times the amount of sex playlists - the most popular tracks tend to be mainstream pop music that is a bit more well-known and traditional.

Top songs include John Legend's 'All of Me', Miley Cyrus' 'Adore You' and Justin Timberlake's 'Not a Bad Thing'. Much more traditionally romantic! If you are an old-fashioned lover, this might well be your sex playlist.


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