St Louis festival goers to get condoms

People taking part in a Mardi Gras festival in St Louis will be given beads with condoms attached to them.

It is part of a scheme designed to highlight the importance of preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from spreading, Fox 2 News reports.

Boomer Gutknecht, a counsellor at the Advanced Medical Testing Centre in Webster Groves, said individuals get "careless" when they are having sex and because of this, STI rates are at an "all-time high".

This means the importance of buying condoms and practising safe sex cannot be understated.

"They make bad decisions. They just don't think. That's partly because it's a party, Mardi Gras," Mr Gutknecht told the news provider.

He added young people do not want to do something they will regret a couple of days later.

It comes after the Edinburgh Evening News said too many gay men in the city are showing "complacency" when it comes to condoms.