STDs on the rise, expert warns

The importance using condoms has been highlighted by one expert who explained the number of people with sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) is on the rise.

Jason Warriner, clinical director of the Terrence Higgins Trust, described how there are probably many individuals who have contracted STDs without realising it.

He explained that year-on-year, there is a growth in infection rates and, as a result, he urged people to have regular sexual health screenings.

"The number which we've got for 2009 is 6,630 new HIV diagnoses. This is a decline for the fourth year running, but the numbers of new people infected overall is still increasing," he commented.

Mr Warriner noted that certain infections have no symptoms and, unless people get tested, they could be carrying a disease without realising it.

His comments followed recent research by the Family Planning Association that showed there has been a rise in the number of over-50s contracting STDs.